Saturday, July 26, 2014

I Finished a Project! (Sort of)

On a whim a week ago, I ordered a pack of Baccus 6mm Saxon huscarles. Today, I finshed a super quickie paint and basing job, and here are the results.

Redgravian raiders
Imperial spearmen
My camera cannot take good close-ups, which is probably a good thing because I did a very rudimentary paint job. I primed both sides in dark gray and then slapped on the armor color. I used silver on the Imperials but then decided to go fancy with gold armor for the Redgravian raiders. It's not particularly accurate for a medieval inspired army, but hey this is an imagi-nation. It also lets the Redgravians stand out more from their adversaries. I then painted the shields - white for the Imperials and Red for the Redgravians. Next I was going to paint faces and spear shafts, but with my bad eyes I could not really see that detail from table level so I skipped it. I then based them on green-painted wood rectangles from Michael's.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the result. Sure, they're not particularly pretty, but they are ready for a game in a week! You may have noticed that I usually dawdle with my painting projects. The ease of speed painting has convinced me to move back to 6mm. I just placed an order for several packs of Baccus's American Revolutionary War miniatures in addition to some Norman knights and archers to complete my medieval Francesian armies.

I plan to make one change to my basing. The huscarles were based one strip to a stand but in the future I'll use 2 infantry strips to a stand. I think that will give each infantry unit a bit more impressive mass.

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