Wednesday, May 27, 2015

They're Heeere!

3mm, that is.

I just received my order of 3mm Magister Militum horse & musket figures today. So far, I am very enthusiastic!

Unlike 2mm, they are more than tiny blobs; even my bad eyes can clearly make out the individual soldiers. However, a single strip provides a greater mass than 6mm. I also like that the Magister Militum's infantry are shoulder to shoulder instead of with gaps like the ones from PicoArmor. The cavalry are based in pairs, nose to tail, which is convenient. I'll be able to base them as is to the stands. The Lead Doesn't Bleed blog criticizes the artillery and the guns are truly weak castings. Nevertheless, I can't really tell from table distance so they should work fine. I do appreciate that guns and crew are cast together (another difference from PicoArmor)

My plan is create 2 armies suitable for the One Hour Wargames army lists. That means that I will need 4 infantry units, 2 skirmisher units, 2 cavalry units, and 2 artillery units per army if I want to cover all possible permutations. My plan is to base them on 20mm square stands as follows:

Infantry - 2 strips per stand. 2 stands per unit.

  • a single bag gives me more than enough for 2 armies.
  • Ultimately, I would like to expand to 4 stands per unit.
Skirmishers - 1 strip per stand. 2 stands per unit
  • Magister Militum currently does not have 3mm light infantry. I am going to improvise by putting fewer strips per stand.
  • I may ultimately pick up some skirmishers from the PicoArmor range. Lead Doesn't Bleed did a nice job of using Civil War troops as jaegers.
  • As with infantry, I would ultimately like to expand to 4 stands per unit.
Cavalry - 3 strips per stand (6 figures total). 2 or 3 stands per unit.
  • I ultimately want 3 stands per unit but I may start smaller.
  • Even at 3 stands per unit, I have enough strips for 3 armies!
Artillery - 1 strip per stand. 2 stands per unit.
  • As is, I have enough for 5 armies!
  • I wanted to use 2 strips per stand but the base was too crowded.
I'd love to show some pics but my camera battery died. When it recharges I'll post a couple.

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