Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Redgrave Raid

With my 6mm huscarles complete, I've been itching to see them in action. One problem - I have no 6mm terrain. I tried my hills and they'l work, but I'll need new trees and houses. Fortunately, I had some bump chenille lying around, so I whipped up a few trees and I was ready for a quick scenario.

I have 2 inspirations for this battle. First is Dux Britanniarum, the Dark Ages rules set by Too Fat Lardies. The campaign system features one of the post-Roman kingdoms fending off Saxon attacks. My plan is to have Redgravian raiders attacking the decrepit Empire. My second inspiration was this beach battle from the TV show Vikings. My plan for the scenario was to have the raiders trying to get back to their ship but they are blocked by Imperial forces. However, I don't have beach terrain so I used what I had. Well, I had some new trees so I had to use some of those too!

Here is the opening set up. Ragnar and his raiders had just successfully sacked several villages and were on their way back to their boats, laden with plunder. They crested a hill to find an Imperial force, led by Count Delaus, blocking their path. Unbeknownst to Ragnar, Lord Flavius had a band of spearmen lying in ambush in the woods.
Ragnar spies the Imperials
 Wary of the woods, Ragnar shifted to his right. Sir Marius advanced with his band against Ragnar. Delaus preferred to bide his time, remaining motionless while Marius advanced. On the Imperial right, Lord Flavius grew impatient and began to chase after the raiders who were moving away from the woods.
Ragnar shifts right
 With a yell, Ragnar's left-flank band charged down the hill toward Flavius's troops.
 There is a desperate struggle, but Flavius held his ground. The charging Redgravians were cut down to a man. Meanwhile, on the left, Marius grew nervous without support from his commanders. He drew back so he would not be completely outflanked. Ragnar pursued and brought Marius to battle.
Flavius holds his ground while Marius is beset.
 Marius launched himself into the fray. His inspired men took heart and they cut down their foe.
Ragnar's band suffers casualties
 Ragnar's other bands advanced but could not come to grips before Marius struck down the enemy commander.
Ragnar falls!
 With an enemy band directly in front of him, Count Delaus finally moved forward to engage while Lord Flavius smashed into the enemy flanks. At the same time, Marius engaged the raiders on the flank.
The Imperials wiping up the raiders.
 Delaus and Flavius wiped out their opponent. The remaining raiders gave up on trying to reach their ship and fled into the countryside.
The End
Despite his cowardice in refusing to advance against the enemy at numerous occasions, Count Delaus secured an impressive victory (largely due to the stellar efforts of Flavius and Marius). Most of the plunder was recovered and Delaus's reputation at court has skyrocketed.

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