Monday, July 21, 2014

Star League Standings - Week 7

Here are the standings after 7 weeks of league play.

The Canopans have a comfortable lead in the Galactic Division while there is a tight, 3-team race in the Stellar Division. The final 3 weeks will feature intra-division games so there will be some important match-ups.

Week 7 games
Hydrans at Antarens - a tense 3-2 overtime victory for the Hydrans. All goals in regulation came off counterattacks after the defense stole the ball.

Electrans at Betelguesans - the Electran goalie continued his excellent play; shutting out the Betelguesans. The Electran offense came through, scoring early in the 2nd half for the game-winner.

Fomalians at Canopans - an easy 5-1 victory for the Canopans.

Geminids at Denedians - a tough battle between two division contenders. Early in the 2nd half, the Geminids scored on a rebound. They held a 1-0 lead in the closing seconds of the game. After a series of back and forth actions, the Denebians stole the ball, shot and scored. Both sides managed a shot in overtime, but no one could score. In the shootout*, the Geminds scored in the final round to win the game. The win kept the Geminids in a tie for the division lead while the Denebians fell 2 games behind the Canopans.

* For simplicity, I just use the Shot table for the shootout, which leads to very few scores.

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