Saturday, July 12, 2014

Star League - Weeks 3-4

Over the past week I managed to complete 2 weeks of Star League games. Here are the standings with stats so far:

Standings after 4 games
There weren't any really outstanding games in either week so I'm not going to bother with a game report. However, it is interesting perusing the standings. The most interesting case is the 3-1 Electrans, who have scored zero goals this season! Their goalie is just so awesome that the opponent cannot score against them. Thus, they have been in, and won, three 0-0 penalty shootouts.

One stat that perturbs me is the 0.9 goals scored per team per game. I'd like to see that doubled. I was thinking of rolling randomly to determine the chances per game but now I'm thinking of upping it to a straight 6. The other issue is that it is hard to score even when a team has a chance. There is an average of 5 offensive possessions per game (this includes counterattacks) and a team gets off a shot 3.7 times per game (74% of offensive possessions) but only scores 0.9 times (18% per each possession and ~ 25% per shot). I think I want to increase the scoring odds as well.

So far, all 4 weeks were played with my version of the Quick Play soccer rules. I have some DBA inspired rules in mind but have not had a chance to experiment with them yet.

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