Sunday, July 6, 2014

Star League Report - Fomalians vs. Geminids

This week two games went into overtime with one ending on penalty shots. The first was a rather boring 0-0 game but the Fomalians and Geminids provided an entertaining spectacle.

The opposing team stats were:

      Fwds      Backs      Goalie
  Fomalians 5 2 3
  Geminids 5 2 4

The games started with a bang. The Fomalians took the ball from the opening, drove down the field, shot and scored! With hardly any time off the clock it was already 1-0. But then the Fomalians went into a funk and could not get anything going. The Geminids also struggled, until the end of the half, that is. Then they caught fire. They went on the attack, moved into their opponent's territory, and shot. The ball rebounded back, a Geminid player regained possession and shot again. GOAL! The score was 1-1 at the half.

Geminid aggressiveness continued in the second half. Early on, they took control of the ball and attacked. Like deja vu, their shot was blocked, rebounded to a Gemind player, and then slammed into the goal! 2-1 Geminids. It looked like this score would hold, as the defenses stiffened and neither team could threaten the opponent's goal until the waning seconds of the half. Finally, the Fomalians awoke with a sense of urgency. They aggressively moved forward and then began peppering the Geminid goal. Each shot rebounded, but they retained possession and shot again. Finally, after a veritable blitz, one shot sneaked through! As the clock ticked down, the game was knotted at 2 goals apiece.

The Fomalians wasted no time in overtime. They grabbed the ball and again began raining shots upon the goal. The Geminid defense was worn out by this time and they could not clear the ball. Minutes into sudden death, a Fomalian shot succeeded. A 3-2 come from behind victory for the Fomalians.

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