Saturday, July 12, 2014

Some Inspiration

While thinking about making troop type distinctions in my board-less wargame, I recalled a post in David Cook's A Wargaming Odyssey about a grand tactical game. The idea was that multiple troop types could inhabit a hex and that combat between troops in a hex would be resolved in steps, skirmishers first, then artillery, then infantry and cavalry. At the time, I commented that the process sounded very much like that used in the board game Viktory II.

I think that such a system could work for my boardless game. Combat would stretch out more, which is what I want (my original experiment actually seemed too short). I have experimented with Viktory inspired rules before but they seemed too bloody. For a super quick-play set of rules, bloody is good. I may have to experiment.

On another note, I am thinking of playing an occasional board-less wargame on a board, I would use a stand to represent a morale point. Terrain would be fairly abstract. I may pull out some of my 2mm stands. I then recalled some battle reports on A Wargaming Odyssey where the poster used blocks (e.g. this report). I may make up some blocks of my own, although I may use some Junior General top-down paper minis.

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