Sunday, April 7, 2013

Battle Notes

Well, that was a short battle. Serves me right for getting careless with my commander. FUBAR does not have set victory conditions so we decided to end the battle after this death. Before we began, I laid out some basic objectives. The marauders wanted to plunder the village while the Royals sought to prevent it. If a marauder spent a turn in a space with a building, then the building was plundered. I did not consider the impact of losing the commander so we made a spot ruling. I will have to clarify the victory conditions next game.

I did make one mistake with regards to activation. Players take turns rolling to activate units until all units have been tested. Then, a new turn begins, at which time units in close combat are immediately activated. They can then choose to withdraw from combat (roll to succeed and the opponent has a chance to follow). This would have allowed the marauder captain a chance to escape. Instead, we rolled initiative, Elizabeth won, and immediately attacked my captain. Game over. Of course, if I hadn’t rushed my commander forward . . .

As I mentioned last night, I liked the stripped-down version that we used. I may add elite cavalry and elite foot as additional troop types, though.We made one additional tweak. I have read some critiques about the activation rules in FUBAR. One big complaint was that a bad roll can prevent a player from doing anything in a phase. To combat that, we played that a player gets one free activation each phase, then can roll for additional activations. It seemed to work well.

All in all, not a bad set of rules (despite the quick game), even if we had to endure a Catzilla attack

I'm not sure Elizabeth will be up for more games but I may continue to dabble.

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