Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dux Bellorum

Published by Osprey, I purchased this set because:
  • It was available on e-reader
  • Osprey makes great books with cool color plates, which are included in this book
  • As mentioned, I love the "Arthurian" period
The rules are really geared toward larger battles (with each base of ~ 6 figures representing 50 men). For my medieval project, I prefer individually mounted figures rather than multi-figure bases. Dux Bel can be played with individual figures, but it seems a bit fiddly.

The system of leadership points is interesting. Each army has a certain number of these points, which can be allocated to units, which make the unit easier to command, more inspired in battle, or more resolute in defense. Judicious use of leadership seems to be a key tactical component of this game.

The rules include scenario ideas, but no campaign.

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