Saturday, April 6, 2013


I'm not referring to World of Warcraft (which I have been playing this week). Instead, I am referring to the series of free skirmish rules.

I've had a hankering for doing some fantasy skirmish gaming. I mentioned in a previous post that I picked up Song of Blades and Heroes. I planned to give that a try for fantasy skirmishing. In that post, I also mentioned that I found a rules-lite RPG called Dead Simple. Well, it turns out that the author of DS also did FUBAR. I've heard of FUBAR before, but the original version was a Sci-Fi skirmish game so I never really pursued it. While looking over DS, I discovered a medieval version of FUBAR. As I perused the rules, I felt that it fit my needs more than SBH.

Inspired, I mounted up some plastic medieval miniatures I had lying around (thanks to Jeff for giving them to me). They are unpainted but they should do for a trial. If all goes well, I may buy some 15mm metal figures.

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