Sunday, April 21, 2013


I have an idea of what rules to use.

I have terrain. By the way, the buildings of Owlton came from Village in a Bag. I saw a pic on Bob Cordery's Wargames Miscellany site where he used ViaB, and I liked it. I prefer more of a "toy soldier" feel than a realistic miniatures portrayal, and I feel that ViaB fits the bill.

What about figures? As the Battle of Owlton shows, I have some plastic figures. They are just a bit larger than I'd like (I would prefer to go down to 15mm) plus it seems that painting bendy plastic figures is harder than working with metal. I'd really like to get some new figures.

I have my eye on Irregular.

Some Irregular Miniatures knights. Picture from their website.

I have some of their Marlburian figures for Horse & Musket battles (which I really need to paint) and I liked them. I need to figure out what I need and place an order.

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