Saturday, July 19, 2014

Boardless Francesia

After months of putting it off, I am making plans for the next battle in the Grayrock Revolution. I decided I would do it using my latest boardless system. As part of the new system, I wanted some e-flats that I could paste onto the board. Over to Junior General I went, where I found some generic 18th century top down counters. With a little effort, I had the beginnings of forces for Grayrock, Bluderia, Greenglade, and Redgrave.

Here is my handiwork (adapted from Junior General):


When I started setting up the battlefield in Excel, however, I realized that the stands were too big but when shrunk the figures were not visible. Oh well, they weren't going to work. Instead, I just used basic shapes to represent differing terrain and troop types, which were pasted onto the shaded grid.

Here is the battlefield in Excel.

The long, thin rectangles are infantry; the smaller, fatter rectangles are cavalry; the rounded rectangles are militia, the four really small rectangles are light infantry (it's actually a dotted line); circles represent generals (the black circle is General "Black" Bart Blackwell reunited with the army after his escape from Grayrock City); triangles are artillery; and the stars represent reserve points. The Bluderian center is a camp (complete with buildings and a fence) while woods and a hill lay on the flanks.

I decided to expand the battlefield slightly. There is now a space of no-man's land between the armies; the attacker will have to risk an artillery bombardment while approaching the enemy. I also added a square on each side to allow for flanking maneuvers.

I'm dabbling with rules based on the game Viktory II. Here is an outline of my version of the rules:

Sequence of Play
  1. Initiative - roll D6 per side. Winner can attack or pass
  2. Command - roll D6 + Command Rating (-2 to +2) for attacker
    • 1-3 may only activate 1 wing
    •  4-5 may only activate 2 wings
    • 6 may activate 3 wings
  3. Movement - may move 1 space into a square without enemy troops
  4. Combat - adjudicate per wing
    • Bombard - roll D6 per artillery unit. Hit on 5-6 (may fire 2 squares)
    • Skirmishing - roll D6 per light inf unit. Hit on 5-6 (may only fire 1 square)
    • Check casualties - roll 4-6 to shake off hit (+1 if general in square, -1 if militia). 
      • Remove 1 unit per remaining hit
    • Assault - roll D6+mods per unit. Hit on 4-6
    • Pursuit - roll D6+mods per cavalry in open. Hit on 4-6
    • Check casualties - roll 4-6 to shake off hit (+1 if general in square, -1 if militia). 
      • Remove 1 unit per remaining hit
      • Advance - attacking wing may move into square if enemy eliminated
  • -1 to roll if attacking defensible terrain
  • May expend 1 reserve point to re-roll an attack.
I won't get a game in this weekend but I hope to run it soon.

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