Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Star League - Week 9

Standings after 9 games

With their easy 4-0 victory over the Betelguesans, the Canopans clinched the Galactic division and have earned the right to play for the Star Cup against the Stellar Division champion. With a 2-1 victory over the Fomalians, he Geminids took a step to being the Canopans' opponent.

Week 9 Games
Denebians vs. Antarens - in the first game of the week, the Denebians stayed in the championship hunt with a tight 1-0 overtime victory

Canopans vs. Betelguesans - in the next game, the Canopans ended Denebian hopes with their division-clinching victory.

Hydrans vs. Electrans - once again good goaltending helped the Electrans to victory.

Geminids v s. Fomalians - the best goalkeeping performance came in the most important game of the week. The Geminids and Fomalians came into the game tied for first. In the first half, the Fomalians peppered their opponent's goal, but could only manage 1 score. The Geminids came to life in the 2nd half, scoring twice for the victory. The Gemind goalie recorded 17 saves to ensure the victory.

And on a blog-related note, this is the 17th post of the month - a new Warwell monthly record (largely due to the Star League).

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