Friday, July 25, 2014

Star League - Week 8

Standings after 8 games

The Canopans have a 2-game lead in the Galactic Division. They only need 1 win or a Denebian loss to clinch the division title. Meanwhile, there is a tight race between the Fomalians and Geminids in the Stellar Division. The Electrans have fallen back and would need a miracle to take the division.

Week 8 Games
The theme for the week was blowouts. Three of the four games were won by 4 or more goals.

The "best" game of the week was between the visiting Electrans and the Geminids. The Geminids managed a 1-0 overtime victory. The game itself wasn't really that close; the Geminids outshot their opponent 19-1 but the Electran's excellent keeper kept the score close.

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