Friday, July 18, 2014

Star League Report - Geminds @ Antarens

My first game using my new dice-rolling method resulted in a dramatic contest. The 3-2 Geminds were visiting the 1-4 Antarens. Given their records and respective ratings (below), I expected an easy Gemind victory. The new method created a greater degree of variability, which made for a much closer game than I expected.

The ratings
Team  Forwards      Backs        Goal        Total
Geminids 5 2 4 11
Antarens 3 4 2 9

Game report
After an opening day win, the Antarens had been reeling from 4 straight losses. Would they turn their fortunes around against the 3-2 Geminids? It looked so early in the first half. The Antarens took control of the ball, moved it expertly upfield, found an opening, and slammed home a goal. Antarens had the lead 1-0. It did not last long, however, as the Geminids managed their own attack and tied the score. Through the rest of the half both sides battled back and forth with no real advantage to either side.

The Antarens got off to a hot start in the second half. They pushed forward and managed a shot. The Geminid goalie made the save but shortly thereafter the Antarens got the ball back and shot. GOAL. The Antarens now had a 2-1 advantage.

Once again, the Antarens could not hold the lead as the Geminids scored again. 2-2 tie. The Geminds began to press the Antaren defense. They managed another shot, but the Antaren goalie made the save. As time was winding down, the Antarens went back on the offensive. They got the shot off, but the ball was deflected. A Geminid player grabbed it, pushed upfield. After a series of deft passes, the Geminids had an opening. They shot. GOAL!

With the last second goal, the Geminids managed to squeak out a 3-2 comeback victory.

Team                Possessions     Shots     Goals
Geminids                 5               3            3
Antarens                  4               2            2

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