Saturday, January 4, 2014

Aquians Attack (Part 2) - Torpedo Run

As I mentioned yesterday, I jotted down some rules for a torpedo run game. This morning, I was fired up to try the game, but I did not have a carrier. I attempted to build a simple one using cardboard, but the attempt did not go well. I still wanted to play, so I grabbed a substitute.

A Wii remote does duty as the Federation Carrier Scheherazade
 I previously reported a sneak attack on the Blue Genies' carrier by a small Aquian strike force. Despite the efforts of Lts. Ray Gunn and Ty Rowe, the Aquian torpedo boat slipped past the defenses into torpedo range.

The attacker had sustained damage during the earlier action but I had neglected to keep the record. Therefore, I rolled twice on the damage chart before beginning the game. The TB suffered hits to the hull and engine.

Here is an account of the torpedo run from the perspective of the Scheherazade.

When the Aquian torpedo boat (TB) reached anti-fighter battery range, our guns opened up, but they failed to hit the target. As the TB closed, it launched one of its torpedoes.

The Aquian launches its first torpedo (at range 5)

The TB continued to approach, but our batteries turned their focus in an attempt to destroy the torpedo. Defensive fire failed and the torpedo struck a glancing blow on the hull. Damage was fortunately minor.
The torpedo strikes!

  • I don't have a provision for anti-torpedo fire in the rules. Instead it is abstracted in the torpedo hit table.
  • I added a step to the turn sequence. Torpedoes are not resolved in the turn they are launched but in the following turn. This adds a little suspense as the attacker must decide whether to continue his run before the torpedo strikes.

Anti-fighter fire continued, again unsuccessfully. The enemy closed and launched his second torpedo.

Another torpedo away!
 At this point, the enemy turned to flee. Finally, our batteries found their aim. A shot struck and destroyed the TB's engines. The enemy sat dead in space. But at this point, the second torpedo struck, rocking the Scheherazade. Flames erupted from her hull. The fire-teams managed to control the blaze, but the ship suffered damage that will require a stint in space dock.

The enemy is crippled but the carrier suffers serious damage
Note: I added a segment to the game where the attacker has to escape. In this case, the TB suffered a second engine hit which left it without power before it could get our of anti-fighter range.

With the Scheherazade damaged, the advantage now lies with the Aquians. We expect a major offensive shortly and are in need of reinforcements.

All in all, the game holds some promise. I think I need to add more anti-fighter fire (perhaps 2 rolls per turn instead of 1) but I'm worried that it will be too much. Looks like I have some experimenting to do.

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