Sunday, January 26, 2014

King of Catan

Last night was board game night; we pulled out Settlers of Catan. It was a very tight and exciting game. The final board is pictured below:

I (the white settlements) jumped out to an early lead, reaching 7 VP to 4 for my opponents. Then Jimmy (red settlements) took the title of Longest Road from me. I dropped to 5 VP to his 6 VP. I briefly took it back to get to 9 VP but when he reclaimed it we were tied 7 each (he actually had 8 at that point because he had a hidden VP from a development card). Meanwhile, Elizabeth went on a civic improvement project, building cities and reaching 6 VPs. All three of us started building like mad until Jimmy and I had 9 (1 of his was hidden) and Elizabeth had 8. Then Elizabeth rolled an 11 for the resource phase, giving me 3 bricks and 4 ore. I thought Jimmy would have the cards to build 1 more point and win, but he didn't. It then came to my turn. I was praying that I would not roll a 7 (which would cause me to drop half my cards). I didn't so I was able to build 1 final settlement to win the game.

Throughout the game, I frequently annoyed Elizabeth. On multiple occasions, I built a road or settlement where she wanted to go, blocking her progress. Then I moved the thief near one of her settlements and stole a card from her (she hates when I get competitive; when she rolls the thief she prefers to be nice and move him to the desert). Sorry honey.

For this game, I "rolled out" my new dice tray. I found a suitable box at Michael's yesterday and lined it with green felt. It worked great! I plan to stain it at some point but for now it is still usable.

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