Friday, January 24, 2014

Grayrock Revolution - The Calm Before the Storm

With the Bluderians repulses from Balderdash Pass, a lull has settled on the revolution in Grayrock. The revolutionary armies are unable to get out of the Maraconi plateau (Maraconi is the little triangle in midst of the mountains) but the Bluderians cannot get in.

The Viceroy of Grayrock is waiting for reinforcements from Bluderia before his next attempt to invade Maraconi. Bluderian forces are already congregating in southeastern Grayrock. It appears that the Bluderians may try to force their way into Maraconi via the southeastern pass (the bold black line). However, this pass is perilously close to the border with Tweenwater, a Redgravian province. Already, the Redgravian military is stirring in order to resist any incursions into Tweenwater. The rumors that Redgrave is sending supplies to the rebels is merely adding fuel to the tensions.

Meanwhile, in the cities and towns of Grayrock, revolutionary sentiment is becoming manifest. The Viceroy recently banned the wearing of gray triangle patches (a representation of Grayrock mountain that has become a symbol of national pride). There is tension in the air, just waiting for a spark to set off a conflagration.

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