Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Random Thoughts on Dardona

  • What a start to the new year - an actual miniature battle!
  • As mentioned in the battle report, I made two major mistakes as the Sieur. 
    • Before I pushed my infantry forward I should have waited to get my artillery into a position where it could provide fire support. I should have moved it onto the hill. From there, I could have bombarded the "Hardluck" Regiment in addition to the town.
    • The Sieur should have advanced with the infantry. The extra combat die could have turned the tide.
  • Figures and basing - I like the Risk figures; I think I will stick with them for a bit. Individual basing worked well.
  • Command & Colors - The C&C-inspired movement and combat rules worked well and produced an enjoyable game. I think it's going to be my preferred rules for Francesia.
  • Command Dice - they worked OK. At times, it was annoying not to be able to move cavalry or artillery. I am thinking of using a card system, however.
  • Battle Board notes
    • My board is half the size of the standard 13 x 9 C&C board, but it still worked out OK with the reduced movement rates. Still, I'd like an option to force march troops.
    • I was worried how a C&C-style game would work on a square grid rather than a hex grid, but everything seemed fine. My rules do not allow diagonal movement and ranges are counted orthogonally, but I intended to allow troops to retreat on the diagonal (the situation never came up, though).
  • New trees - I ditched my raggedy lichen trees and used trees from my Village in a Bag. I didn't mind the look (it looks very toy soldier-ish, which is the look I prefer), but their bases are very narrow so they tended to fall a lot. I may base them on pennies, or look for new trees.

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