Friday, January 3, 2014

Space Battle Torpedo Run

About a month ago, I posted a battle report about a sneak attack on the Blue Genies' carrier. The attacking torpedo boat managed to slip by the defenders, Ray Gunn and Ty Rowe, but I have not yet determined if its attack got through. Two factors have kept me from finishing the game:

1. What rules to use?
I wanted an interesting game with some room for decisions instead of just dice rolls. At the time, nothing came to mind, but I just came up with an idea that just might work.

The attacking torpedo boat (TB) begins 6 spaces from the target. Each turn, the TB may move 1 space closer but it risks defensive fire from the carrier. In any space, the TB may launch one or both of its torpedoes. The probability of the torpedo hitting the carrier increases as the range decreases.

This will create an interesting conundrum. Does the TB fire its torpedoes from a distance and hope for a hit or does it close on the target but risk getting destroyed?

Here is a draft of my rules:

Turn Sequence
  1. Defensive fire - the TB takes fire from the defender
  2. Fire torpedo(es) - the TB may fire 1 or both torpedoes
  3. TB moves - the TB moves 1 space closer to the carrier
Defensive Fire
Range = 5-6     To Hit = 6
Range = 3-4     To Hit = 5-6
Range = 1-2     To Hit = 4-6

TB Damage


Lose 1 hull
Enemy get +1 to hit
-1 mp
0 mp if 2 hits
Lose 1 cannon
Lose 2 hull
Enemy gets +2 to hit

Torpedo Fire
To Hit - roll >= Range

Carrier Damage
2-6  Minor Damage - can be repaired in orbit
7-9  Major Damage - requires space dock repairs
10-11  Severe Damage - requires immediate departure from the system
12 - Crippled - if crippled again then ship is destroyed

I think I've got the rules covered. Which leads to point # 2:

2. I need a space carrier model
I thought about picking up some wood from Michael's to build a very basic ship, but I'll probably be too lazy tomorrow. Then I realized I have some spare cardboard so I can use it instead. Looks like I have a project for tomorrow.

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